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Lippe A. von
Lippe A. von
Lippe A. von "Keynotes Of The Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

In order to effectively cure, it is first necessary to ascertain the characteristic symptoms of the patient, as Hahnemann teaches in the "Organon," and next, to find the medicine which corresponds in the characteristics with those of the patient, which is done by means of the Homeopathic Materia Medica.

$ 5.0
1 x 'Lippe A. von "Keynotes Of The Homoeopathic Materia Medica"' order

Nash E.B.
Nash E.B.
Nash E.B. "Leaders in Homeopatic Therapeutics"

This is the best book of one of the great 19th century homeopaths. It is desktop guide of generations of practitioners.

$ 5.0
1 x 'Nash E.B. "Leaders in Homeopatic Therapeutics"' order

Pesikov Y.S.
Pesikov Y.S.
Pesikov Y.S. "Atlas of Acupuncture Points"

Atlas represents topography of classical acupuncture points on the three body layers: skin, muscles and sceleton. Points are arranged by areas, channels (meridians) and names providing fast point location based on any criteria.

$ 29.0
1 x 'Pesikov Y.S. "Atlas of Acupuncture Points"' order

Roberts H.A.
Roberts H.A.
Roberts H.A. "Sensations, as if..."

This unique repertory is the most authoritative collection of strange, rare, and peculiar symptoms.

It often provides an invaluable aid in special cases. Serious practitioner must have this repertory in his library.

$ 8.0
1 x 'Roberts H.A. "Sensations, as if..."' order

Boger C.M.
Boger C.M.
Boger C.M. "Boenninghausenn's Repertory"

This is a repertory part of Boenninghausen's Characteristics and Repertory by C.M.Boger. It is called "Boenninghausen" in the computer repertories. This is a condensation of all Bonninghausen's work into a single volume.

$ 12.0
1 x 'Boger C.M. "Boenninghausenn's  Repertory"' order

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